Picture a healthy green lawn ‘perfect for relaxing in’, great for ball games and BBQ’s, a real asset to your home. The lawn is after all the ‘carpet’ to the room outside and more often than not, lawn care becomes a chore. Our lawn care programme, keeps your lawn looking green, healthy and free from moss and weeds all year round. Ultra views our regular garden maintenance service as an essential part of our portfolio. Our service can be provided to suit your needs by our team of garden specialists.


  • The mowing and edging of lawns

  • The planting of trees, plants and shrubs

  • The weeding and cultivation of beds and borders

  • The pruning, trimming and shaping of shrubs

  • The removal of weeds and debris from hard surfaces

  • The removal of all consequent rubbish

The lawn care specialists at Ultra, possess a passion for gardens and lawns and their long term care. Here at Ultra, we realise that maintenance often needs to be bespoke, or tailored to an individual gardens precise requirements.

Our unique philosophy is to get your garden in pristine condition and then to maintain it. As a professional garden care company we respond to your garden’s needs with the highest quality service. This careful attention means that you’ll enjoy a beautiful garden all year round.

All our garden and lawn services are delivered by professionally trained specialists who will offer you a scheduled, customised care programme backed up by years of experience and knowledge. Ultra use only the highest grade professional products (not available to the general public) making our service surprisingly more cost effective than most DIY methods.