The attraction and relaxation provided by a swimming pool is nothing short of impressive. On a hot summer day, a pool can be a great pleasure; then again, it can also prove to be an annoyance if it is not cared for as it should be. Regardless of what type of pool you have, there is a need to perform regular maintenance on it.

If you own a swimming pool, you must assume the task of keeping your pool clean and safe for yourself and anyone who swims in it, or you can hire an Ultra professional to take care of this task. If regular maintenance on your pool is performed, it will stay healthy all year round. Ultra pool cleaning engineers are highly trained and have developed an in-depth knowledge of swimming pool/spa services which puts us ahead of all the competition.


  • Check your chemical balance often, to make sure that the water is safe for swimming.

  • Make sure to keep debris out of your pool, so that the water remains healthy.

  • Filter your water on a regular basis. This is so the chemicals keep moving about and thus making the water safe for swimming.

  • The weather outside and how often you use your pool will significantly contribute to the condition of your water. We make sure your pools chemicals are balanced properly, the sun can quickly turn your water to a green, musty colour.

  • We clean your pool frequently, as the pollutants that get in the water can lead to bacteria and algae, which will quickly destroy your water. Sanitising your pool on a regular basis will help to keep it clean. Most importantly, free from bacteria and algae build-up.