1. 1. Telecommunications: Inspection and examination of Satellite and Antenna.

  2. 2. Internal and external lighting installation and maintenance for:

    • Neon lights

    • High and low level bay lights

    • Advertising displays

    • Stadium flood lights

    • Emergency lighting

    • Aircraft warning lighting

    • Fibre optic lighting

    • Cablework systems

    • Fire systems

  3. 3. Petrochemical - We carry a widespread knowledge in all sectors of installation and sustenance for all automated plant control systems and operate according to the safety regulations to avoid any risk.

  4. 4. Mines & Quarries - Form light electronics (weigh - silos, level measurement, fibre optics etc.) to primary/secondary crushing, screening of both static and mobile operations, Ultra Abseil specialises in all sectors of electrical tasks related to plant equipment and process controls.

  5. 5. Fire/Smoke Detection Systems - Our technicians are trained and qualified in installation and maintenance of fire protection systems in commercial, domestic and industrial locations.

  6. 6. General/Other - We are also highly trained in rendering, painting, installation of ventilation, ducting, leak detection, structural steel cleaning, banner and design erection.

  7. 7. On specific applications, where insufficient anchorage points are available, it becomes necessary for installation, testing and certification of anchor points and where the application warrants it, the installation of additional safety systems. All of these tasks can be performed by certified Ultra technicians.